Essential Advice For Creating A Modern Bedroom


Making the leap from your current bedroom layout and design and into the world of contemporary interior design can be like stepping into a foreign country and having to learn a new language.

However, with these top tips from us here at Curtain Call (as well with help from our range of products and bespoke services) you’ll be able to create the perfect modern bedroom for your home.

Keep It Simple

Modern interior design is all about simplicity; space saving furniture, plenty of open space, no clutter and smooth, geometric perfection. Clean straight lines are needed for furniture, such as beds, drawers and cabinets, and you should try not to use too many ornaments or accessories to keep in line with the simplicity of the room.

When it comes to choosing colours for your walls, carpets, curtains and furnishings there are two ways to go – bold block colours punctuated by a really stand out pattern, or subtle whites, creams and browns punctuated by splashes of bright colours like reds and yellows.

Add Warm Woods

There are lots of different ways to achieve a modern look in a room such as a bedroom, so there’s no ‘right answer’ here but adding warm woods throughout the room can be a great way to achieve a stylish and contemporary feel. Whether it’s through wooden wall panelling or laminate wood flooring, the simplicity of the wood can help achieve that minimalist style and the warmth of the colours makes the room appear much more relaxing – perfect for your bedroom!

We’ve got a fantastic range of wood flooring options for you here at Curtain Call; just check out our carpets and flooring selection or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Find The Right Layout

With all contemporary room designs, space is an absolute must. It’s therefore important that you play around with your bedroom’s layout until you find something that maximises space and feels right. Whether you do it by making a scale birds-eye-view model with square bits of paper, or by physically lugging furniture around until you get the look you want, don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.

If interior design really isn’t your thing, then Curtain Call are on hand with our bespoke interior design services. Based in Coventry, and serving the West Midlands, our team can help you achieve that perfect modern look bedroom for your home.

Whether you need furnishing, flooring, curtains or blinds for your new modern bedroom then you’ll find everything you need here at Curtain Call. Call us today on 02476 404059 to discuss all our bespoke curtains and blinds, as well as our other interior design services.



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