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Black Out Blinds

Here at Curtain Call we have a huge range of blackout products. This including part of our blind range where we offer blackout fabrics for roller blinds, Pleated and vertical blinds and also doing blackout linings for Roman blinds. One of our specialists will help you find what is right for you during your measure up call out.

Black Out Blinds

Bedroom Blackout Blinds

Why we love Black Out Blinds...

  • Darkness They provide complete darkness in the room, making them ideal for use in bedrooms or media rooms. Perfect if you work the nights or have trouble sleeping.
  • Quiet There thickness will help to block out external noise, creating a more peaceful and relaxing environment.
  • Regulate the temperature The darkness helps block out the sun and keep your room cool in the summer and the thickness keeps heat in, in the winter.
  • Ultimate Privacy allow no one to look in to your most intimate rooms.
  • Improved sleep Black out blinds in Coventry can help create a dark and quiet environment, which can improve the quality of sleep, especially for shift workers, or people who are sensitive to light.

Watch why everyone loves our Black Out Blinds

Black Out Blinds

Black out blinds in Coventry are designed to block out all light, providing complete darkness in the room. They are often used in bedrooms to create a sleep-friendly environment, or in media rooms to enhance the viewing experience. Some benefits of blackout blinds include their ability to create complete darkness in the room, their ability to block out external light and noise, and their ability to help regulate the temperature in the room. They are also relatively easy to install and operate, making them a convenient and practical choice for many homeowners.

Outdoor Blinds / Blackout Blinds

Finishing Touches

Manual or Electric Operation

Available in various blind types

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Perfect for Bedrooms

Complete blackout units available

Sit back and Relax while we prepare your Black Out Blinds

  • Expertly Measured

    You relax whilst we measure and advise you on your perfect solution

  • Tailor made

    All of our products are made to order for an exquisite fit

  • Perfectly Fitted

    We do all of the fitting, and our products are granted with a 5 year guarantee

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Blackout Blinds

What Our Happy Customers Say about Black Out Blinds

Alexandra Vallance

Harry was absolutely amazing to deal with! The whole process was completely seamless. The array of different fabrics were amazing, Harry asked what I was looking for in advance and he understood perfectly, had all the books open ready to select fabrics and it was a quick & super fun process. Our Roman blinds were installed and look great, making our new house truly feel like a home. Thanks so much! Definitely recommend.

Claire Ryan

I had our shutters, blinds and curtains from Curtain Call. They are a very professional company and I would highly recommend.

Patricia Smith

We had 4 remote controlled roller blinds installed by Curtaincall. Professional service from start to finish. The blinds were made of highly quality materials and equipment. Friendly, helpful and knowledgable staff. Excellent service at all times. Great after sales support. A special mention for Harry who couldn’t do enough to ensure that we were happy with our blinds and made sure that the blinds were programmed as needed. I would highly recommend this company.